Carolina Nutrition & Wellness - Company Message
Please call to schedule a free 15-minute "See If I Can Help You" phone session.
For Individuals:
1.)  Initial Nutrition Assessment/Goal-Setting Session
This is our initial meeting.  We will spend the first part of the hour discussing your current nutrition and health history.  Then we will finish the session, working together, to get started on your first goals.
2.)  Customized Nutrition Counseling Follow-up session
This hour-long session is designed to see how you are doing with the goals that you set from previous sessions.  It is a time for us to give you support, encouragement, and guidance.  New goals may be set or old goals readjusted or rethought.  Change takes time.  Allow us to help!
3.)  Fresh Start Package: 
You receive one Nutrition Assessment/Goal-Setting session and two Ala Carte items below   (3 one-hour sessions total).  This package is perfect for the new client who wants to try out a few sessions and save a little money too!
4.) Healthy Habits Package: 
You receive three Ala Carte items below (3 one-hour sessions total).  This package is perfect for the return client who values their health and knows that ongoing support helps turn goals into habits!
Ala Carte Items:
Indirect Calorimetry (determines Calorie needs using Medgem)
Food Sensitivity Elimination (does not include lab costs) - requires 4
Detox Instruction (does not include cost of supplements) - requires 3 sessions.
Grocery Store Tour (call for locations)
Intro to Intuitive Eating - requires 3 sessions
Label Reading Session
Private Yoga Instruction
Customized Follow-up Session
For Groups:
1.)  Lunch-and-Learn Session:
You provide the lunch and your group or organization  receives one-hour of learning on a yoga, meditation, or nutrition topic of your choice.  Lets brainstorm together to get the best fit for your needs!
2.)  Program Series:
Your group or organization will receive a customized program consisting of 6-8 one-hour presentations to help them reach  specific goals (eg:  weight loss, mindfulness/intuitive eating, overall wellness, etc) and turn them into livelong habits.
3.)  Yoga Classes: 
Is your group suffering burn-out and lethargy?  Yoga and breathing techniques can decrease stress, increase energy, and ignite creativity.  Your group will receive a one-hour chair yoga or mat class.  Let us bring the class to you and help you bring out the  best in your group!  Namaste. 
4.)   Health Coaching:
Allow us to come to your office, and provide individual health coaching or nutrition counseling to your employees.  Whether it be at your next health fair or during the lunch hours, we can be there to help motivate and guide your team members towards healthy lifestyle changes.  Give them the perfect gift that gives back!
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