Carolina Nutrition & Wellness - Company Message
"I began seeing Barbara for nutritional counseling almost three years ago, when my weight had reached its highest point.  I realized I would only get heavier if I continued eating habits that I had practiced nearly my whole life.  Through her guidance and direction, I was able to lose weight and have managed to successfully keep it off.  Working with Barbara has not only taught me healthier food options, but most importantly, how to recognize emotions and stress that affect healthier choices.  She is always encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable of the most current and informative nutrition and wellness information.  She has been a valuable asset to my success, and I could not have done it without her."
- Maria B.
  Belmont, NC
"I have been working with Barbara a little over a year.  I have learned how to eat and how to deal with stress, so I will not overeat.  I have learned how to read food labels.  Since working with Barbara, I have learned to deal with my challenge with food in positive ways.  I now have a positive attitude towards my health."
- Tammy H.
  Charlotte, NC
"After struggling with disordered eating for more than a decade, I began working with Barb at the recommendation of my therapist, who introduced me to the concept of intuitive eating.  I came to Barbara with an equal amount of skepticism and hope - I had tried countless "plans" and "therapies" to help me work through my issues, but none left me feeling like I had reestablished a healthy relationship with food.  Finally, I feel like I am truly on the path to recovery thanks to Barb and her process.  Intuitive eating focuses on food in the purest sense, stripping away the conventional associations that society continuously emphasizes such as portion size, calorie counts, and labeling food as "good" or "bad."  Now, instead of feeling confusion, anxiety and doubt when faced with food choices, I too can look at food for exactly what it is - a form of nourishment to be enjoyed and appreciated - not a collection of calories, fat grams, and guilt.  I am so thankful to Barb and her comprehensive teachings for helping me relearn how to eat, how to view food, and perhaps most importantly - how to trust myself again."
- KK
  Charlotte, NC
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